3 Tips for Saving Money on Insurance for Farms & Ranches

3 Tips for Saving Money on Insurance for Farms & Ranches

3 Tips for Saving Money on Insurance

We all love saving money. And while its vitally important to make sure that your assets are covered by the right insurance policies, controlling your expenses is one important way to stay profitable and successful. In today’s blog, we provide some tips for saving money on insurance for farms and ranches.

Adjust Your Coverage Seasonally

Seasonal Livestock Coverage


Not only is every farm different, but every farming operation looks different during different parts of the year. That’s why adjusting your coverage seasonally is one of our best tips for saving money on insurance. Livestock farmers, for example, may want to increase coverage during birthing season and lower coverage when selling stock. That way, you aren’t paying for coverage on animals that are no longer on the farm. In fact, our Farm & Ranch insurance can be automatically adjusted with the peak season endorsement so you’re only paying for what you need.

Report All Losses Within 24 Hours

Farm Equipment in Barn


Farming is hard work, and most farmers end up spending a great deal of time on the job. But even if you’re busy, it’s important to report all losses within 24 hours. In fact, studies show that the longer a claim goes unreported, the more it ends up costing in the long run. It may even be worth reporting a loss even if it seems like it may be below your deductible. That way, it will be easier to deal with if the problem escalates.

Prioritize Safety

Farm Safety


When it comes to tips for saving money on insurance, one of the best things you can do is reduce your number of claims. For farmers and ranchers, that means prioritizing safety. In fact, safety and loss reduction should be top of mind every single day. That means using protective equipment, screening your workers, and making sure all equipment safety guards are in place at all times. It also means making sure that your buildings and equipment are clean and debris-free. You should also review every accident or mishap that happens on your farm or ranch, so that you can use it as a learning tool for your team.


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