Best Insurances for College Students

Best Insurances for College Students

Just because your child is off to college, it doesn’t mean you stop worrying about them. While they’re thinking about decorating their dorm room and picking majors, you’re wondering how you can ensure they’re still protected—even from a distance.

One way to make sure your children and their belongings are covered is to consider insurance for college students or add to your existing policy.

Why Consider Insurance for College Students?
We all know college isn’t solely about getting an education. Students are there to learn life skills, too. It means your kids will be out and about living grown-up lives for the first time away from home.

That extra level of responsibility matters for their growth, but it also involved potential unknowns lurking around the corner. To help ensure your kids are protected even while they are out of the house, we’ve highlighted a few types of student insurance to consider.

Check your current homeowner’s policy—many of these are likely already covered. If they aren’t, you might want to consider adding to your current coverage.

Personal Property Insurance for College Students
You’d be surprised at how much stuff your kids can accumulate over the years. As you’re unpacking and preparing their dorm room, take a picture or video of their items. Not for old time’s sake, but to have an inventory of their things. That way, if anything gets lost, damaged or stolen, you have a record.

Check your current homeowner’s policy for coverage. In many cases, your kid’s possession while in their dorm room should fall under your policy. If not, you can extend it. If they have high-priced items, you might want to consider extra coverage.

Below are a few more types of insurance for kids in college to consider.

Student Renter’s Insurance
Not all students live in dorms. In many schools, kids will move off-campus to their apartments toward the end of their college experience. Moving off-campus means your policy might not cover their belongings if there’s theft or damage.

If that’s the case, explore getting student renter’s insurance for their apartment. It will give them an extra layer of protection over their belongings and help cover any potential accidents or injuries that happen to anyone inside the apartment.

Student Car Insurance
At home, your kids are probably listed on your car insurance policy. It’s a good idea to keep them as an occasional driver on your insurance while they are at school, even if they don’t have a car there. It will help ensure they’re covered while driving someone else’s car.

Check with your coverage provider if your children are at school more than 100 miles away. Many providers will provide discounts for students away at school.

Other Types of Student Insurance to Consider
Another type of student insurance to think about is identity theft insurance. We live in an online world, and your kids could be susceptible to hackers or scams. This type of insurance can help protect them from identity theft.

Life Lessons for Your Kids
Before your kids head off to school, sit down with them and have a chat. Yes, they will probably roll their eyes, but you never know when that information might come in handy later.

Here are some tips for your kids to remember as they head off to college:

  • Practice common sense. If something feels like a red flag, it probably is.
  • Keep your dorm room locked. That will ensure their possessions are safe.
  • Consider marking or engraving your electronics. It will help them identify what’s theirs in a sea of other phones and laptops.
  • Practice safe driving and take care of your car. Make sure it goes in for checks and oil changes.
    Your child is about to embark on an exciting adventure. Look into insurance for college students to help them prepare for it while making sure they’re still protected.

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