Fireworks Safety for the Fourth

Fireworks Safety for the Fourth

 Fireworks Safety for the Fourth


Did you know that over 200 people will go to the emergency room each day in the months surrounding the Fourth of July because of firework-related injuries? Follow these safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety to enjoy the fun at your next show.

Never light more than one. One sparkler is enough responsibility for one person.

Keep water nearby. Even after a sparkler fizzles out, the sticks stay hot. Toss used sparklers in a bucket of water to help ensure your feet don’t get burned by used sparklers. Soak them for a few hours before discarding.

Wear closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops aren’t a good fit for Fourth of July festivities that involve handling sparklers.

Closely supervise kids. Keep a close eye on sparkler-wielding little ones. Make sure they hold their sparkler at arm’s length, stay at least six feet from one another, and don’t run with, throw or hand their sparkler to a pal.

Consider using glow sticks instead. For a fun and flame-free way to light up the night, consider picking up a few glow sticks for kids to play with.

Watch a professional show. Consumer fireworks aren’t necessary to enjoy the holiday. The safest way to view fireworks is to watch a professional show, according to the Council.


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