Protecting Vacant Property

Protecting Vacant Property

Whether homeowners are transitioning to a new home or have decided to take a long vacation, it’s important to protect a vacant dwelling. As these buildings are more susceptible to theft, vandalism, and weather damage, an Unoccupied Dwelling Protection Program is essential to provide homeowners with peace of mind. In addition, properly securing the vacant dwelling is the best way to prevent damage. Here are some helpful considerations to do just that.

Alarms: This obvious solution will deter any intruders and notify the local authorities if the alarm is breached. If an alarm system is already in place, notify the service provider that the dwelling will be unoccupied.

Cameras: Place cameras in the front of the building and at any access points. While they will help deter any potential thieves, they can also assist in identifying the intruder if they are successful. This may be a costly option, but they provide dwelling owners with added sense of security.

Lots of Lighting: A well-lit building gives the illusion that it is occupied. Put lights on random timers so any would-be intruders don’t learn the patterns and know when no one is there. Another option is motion-activated sensors that will scare off any criminals if they get too close to the property.

Security: Culture of Safety states that contracting with a security company to patrol a vacant property is another way to help keep it secure; patrol guards can be contracted to visit the building at random times every day to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.


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