Savings for Memorial Day Driving

“Time is Money” Savings for Memorial Day Driving

It’s amazing how much money you can save, if you have the time. My Mom always told me, “Time is Money.” I rolled my eyes when I was younger, but now that I am a working adult, those words couldn’t be truer.

The phrase can be used in many different contexts, but for the purpose of this blog I am using it for the fact that if I have less time, I spend more money. It’s a vicious cycle. You hear it all the time; life is crazy, hectic and busy. True, True and True. Now, I am by no means the person to tell you how to manage your time or money, because I am simply not good at either. But, I have figured out that if I slow down and “take time to smell the roses” my head is on straight enough to actually use it when making small decisions.

Memorial Day driving (or any trip) is going to cost some amount of money, whatever you decide to do. Taking the time (and finding the time) to plan a couple extra steps will save you big money in the long run. I actually do some of these and they work…so, I’m not just writing this for the sake of information.

  • Pack water, pop and snacks. It’s amazing how many times we stop on a road trip. Stop to get a pop, stop to get a bag of chips, stop to stretch our legs (and get a candy bar). If you pack beverages and snacks in a cooler it saves you money and time. (Side note: My dad used to do this when we were little and I got so mad at him because I always wanted to stop and pick out a pop at the gas station or drive through somewhere for a snack. I was so annoyed when he pulled out a bag of grapes or a plastic bag of chips. Now that I have a family, I have realized he is a smart man.)
  • Pack a lunch or dinner. Another costly expense is stopping or driving through to eat lunch or dinner. On a long trip, I always think that it’s a great idea to stop at a sit-down restaurant and have myself a nice $20 dollar meal. After the appetizer, family meal and desserts we walk out of there with about $60.00 less dollars for our weekend. Was that meal really worth the money you could have spent at a tourist shop or having a nice lunch on the beach at your destination? It’s not for me.
  • Check your vehicle before heading out for the weekend. Check your oil, tire pressure, and other routine maintenance for the long drive ahead.
  • Don’t plan ahead… or do. If you are planning to stretch out under the stars at a National park or campground, that’s a money saver in itself. I personally don’t camp, but will drive until I find a good rate at a hotel or a bed and breakfast. Sometimes, you can get great rates from on-line sites ahead of time; however you can usually get a room for 20%-40% off by driving around and seeking out the signs that say “vacancy” past 7pm in the evening.
  • Save GAS! This seems to be a big one in the present times. Roll with the windows down (ac sucks up the gas), avoid using cruise control, coast to a stop and don’t speed. These tips along with some other helpful hints should save you a considerable amount in the long run.

Your safety is number one to us. Stay safe this summer wherever you choose to go.


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